Which choice represents the best rational approximation for *square root symbol* 3? A) 14/9 B) 15/13 C) 17/10 D) 6/5

Accepted Solution

A rational number is a number which is in the form [tex]\frac{p}{q} ,q \neq 0[/tex]Now, the value of the number [tex]\sqrt 3 = 1.73[/tex]Now let us evaluate each given rational number in decimal form.[tex]\frac{14}{9} = 1.6\\ \\ \frac{15}{13} = 1.2\\ \\ \frac{17}{10} = 1.7\\ \\ \frac{6}{5} = 1.2[/tex]Therefore, among these numbers, the best approximation is option c i.e. 17/10.C is the correct option.